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Spinal Decompression/Traction

Spinal Decompression/Traction

Dr. Lauer, Lincoln's only doctor certified in Kennedy Decompression Technique, uses a special treatment table and a computerized treatment head with programmed protocols, patients experience an anti-gravity effect on targeted areas of the lumbar or cervical spine. With a thorough examination, specific patient positioning and appropriate protocols, we are able to help reduce disc bulging/herniations by creating negative intradiscal pressure. This treatment also serves to revitalize degenerative discs by increasing circulatory exchange to the disc. Most of us do not realize that by age 30-32 we lose the microcirculation to the disc as a natural process of aging. The disc continues to receive circulatory exchange by spinal movement that creates a pumping effect on discs and draws in then pushes out fluids and nutrients.

Patients who might benefit from decompression/traction include:

  • Those with bulging or herniated discs
  • Those with degenerated discs
  • Those who have been told they need spinal surgery and want to try a more conservative route
  • Those with spinal stenosis