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Dr. David W Lauer
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Dusty Jonas
Professional High Jumper

Training and competing at the professional level takes a toll on the body. Dr. Lauer's care allows me to recover quickly and stay ahead of injury

College Volleyball Player

I started seeing Dr. Lauer about 2 years ago. The physical demands of playing college volleyball were causing pain in mainly my back, shoulders and neck since volleyball is predominately an overhead sport. I started to see Dr. Lauer about once a week, and I would always look forward to my appointment because of the release of tension in my body after an adjustment. At the time I first started going to Dr. Lauer, I was getting work done at a TMJ clinic to correct my jaw placement and experiencing a minor shoulder injury. Positive results from the adjustments appeared right away, so the appointments became a regular part of my routine to maintain my body’s physical strength. 

Being able to see Dr. Lauer on a regular basis really helped the process in both areas and I am very thankful for his help. I saw results on and off the court. I started sleeping better and my headaches decreased dramatically. I still continue to see Dr. Lauer, but not as regularly since my volleyball career has finished. Dr. Lauer and the rest of his staff are always very friendly and helpful, which made my visits that much more enjoyable!

College Athlete
Long and triple jump athlete with severe low back pain

Training to compete in the long and triple jump has gradually taken a toll on my body. Upon entering college, the intensity of the workouts significantly increased. High-volume plyometric workouts consisting of bounding, single-leg hopping and box jumps, in addition to running and lifting, triggered a series of symptoms in my body. The traditional therapy I received from the athletic training staff failed to improve my condition. 

Dr. Lauer has effectively reduced by lower back pain and hip tightness in only six months with spinal adjustments and active release. I doubt that I would be able to continue long and triple jumping without Dr. Lauer's treatment. I am grateful for his sincere desire to alleviate my pain and his thorough care for all of my ailments.

64-year-old with severe neck pain

Dr. Lauer had helped me with different spinal problems, so when my neck pain worsened my first call was to him. The pain I felt was keeping me up at night, unable to get comfortable in any position. It started in my neck, down my left shoulder, into my arm, thumb, index finger and middle finger where it would tingle and then go numb. This constant dull, deep ache that came with the burning pain would not go away. Nothing made it worse, it was already as bad as it could get.

Finally one morning I could not curl my hair or put on my make up, so I put on a hat. My eyes were puffy from no sleep and crying at night, but I went to Dr. Lauer's office. He asked me several questions and checked reflexes. For several minutes, he rubbed the tight neck muscles and did some adjustments. I had another appointment in three days. After the third visit, I could feel a big different and I slept all night. The pain became less and less.

It is a real blessing to feel good again. I wish only one thing different. I wish I had not put off making the appointment to see him. I want others to know how much he helped me. Thank you Dr. Lauer and your outstanding staff! Thanks for keeping me active! I believe there is such a thing as "The Golden Years" after all.

62-year-old female

I have suffered lower back pain for many years. What began as minor has progressed over the years, and I found myself avoiding certain activities, thinking: "I'm just getting older." I didn't know there was help. A wonderful, caring, loving friend told me about Dr. Lauer and chiropractic care. She told me Dr. Lauer would be honest as to whether chiropractic could help or not.

Dr. Lauer examined me and took x-rays only to find I had a curvature and a condition I was born with. He explained in simple terms how we probably couldn't straighten the curve, but we could improve my function which was causing most of my pain anyway. 

I began treatment, seeing Dr. Lauer three times per week and soon I was down to once a week. My life has changed considerably. I no longer begin each day with pain. Things that I need to worry about I do with confidence now, knowing I won't be sore for days after. That's worth a lot.

Brandon Crick

Over my many years of golf I have developed many different aches and pains throughout my body. Some of my main issues have been the neck, and the lower back. Earlier this summer is was getting too uncomfortable and too tough to handle so I thought I'd give Dr. Lauer a try. We have been friends for the last few years ever since I began working at Firethorn and I have heard he was the best in the business with working on all sorts of different types of athletes coming through the University of Nebraska.

My first visit to Dr. Lauer was great. The atmosphere in the building was very accommodating and friendly with patients going in and out of the building. After a brief wait he brought me back into the room and studied my posture as well as feeling the different kinks and bothersome areas throughout my body. Over the course of my career I have been to many sorts of treatments, from massage therapy to the basic methods of Tylenol and Advil. After Dr. Lauer put my on the ultra sound machine and then adjusted
me I felt great! I knew it was just what I needed heading into the summer of week in and week out traveling and driving for golf. The immediate week following I ended up winning my first golf tournament as a professional. Dr. Lauer helped me loosen up and feel great on the golf course and is definitely one of the best.