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Dry Needling (Evidence-Based Acupuncture)

Dry Needling (Evidence-Based Acupuncture)

Dry needling is an evidence-based form of acupunture that Dr. Lauer uses as needed for pain management. Dry needling works in several different ways including:

Nerves: Needling stimulates nerves in the body, which results in an increase of endorphins in the central nervous system. The term endorphin is the combination of the words endogenous and morphine, so the endorphins work to reduce perception of pain by an individual. This helps the patient relax and speeds up the healing process.*

Muscles: When a needle is inserted into a tight muscle it breaks up muscle fibers, resulting in relaxation of the tissues around the needle. The needle also contacts sensory nerves that also contribute to muscle relaxation.*

Inflammation: After an injury, our body uses inflammation to help heal the injured area. But too often, the inflammation process becomes uncontrollable, spreading, swelling and resulting in heat, pain and loss of function of the tissues involved. This ultimitaly slows the healing process. Needling limits the injury and destruction of tissue, and triggers a controllable acute inflammation in the body that opens new blood vessels, which become active to engulf and digest invaders resulting from the destruction chronic inflammation. Usually when several needles are inserted into inflamed tissues, swelling, inflammation and pain will subside and healing will be accelerated.*

*Info from Biomedical Acupuncture for pain management by yun-tao ma: