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Our Team

  • Angela

    I came to work for Dr. Lauer in the fall of 2005 as a chiropractic assistant. In 2007, I began working in the insurance and billing department. I enjoying working to resolve insurance issues for our patients and helping our patients understand their insurance benefits.

    Dr. Lauer creates a very welcoming and comfortable environment for all who visit our office. During my time here, I have seen miraculous effects of chiropractic treatment first hand, and I continue to be amazed every day at the improvement our patients experience in their health and well-being through chiropractic.

    I'm happy to say, I have lived in the Havelock area here in Lincoln most of my life. I am married with one child and two dogs.

  • Tracy

    Being a Lincolnite her whole life Tracy embraces the Midwestern mindset.

    She enjoys working hard to help those around her and is purposeful to leave her spaces better than she found them.

    Prior to entering into the Chiropractic world, Tracy spent 20+ years in the field of dentistry.

    Tracy is married to her husband Terry, they have two daughters and a grandson who is the light of their life. When not working she enjoys being at home as she is a homebody at heart.

    She has also been a car fanatic her whole life and personally enjoys detailing her own cars.